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Quality Policy

Provide users with high-quality high-tech products with a quality awareness of "100-1=0" and a quality belief in pursuing excellence and perfection

Quality is the life of an enterprise and is related to its long-term development. The meaning of "100-1=0" quality awareness is that although technology, process, equipment, and other aspects are excellent, producing high-quality products is futile. Without quality, there is no capital to establish oneself in the market, let alone long-term development. Since its establishment, the company has put forward the quality policy of "100-1=0", which has been consistently adhered to for many years, creating success. Not only has it established its market position, but it has also promoted its products to the international market and actively joined the ranks of international competition.

The quality policy is a deep understanding of the quality of enterprise products. During the production process, no link should be relaxed, and any work details should be considered as factors that may affect the quality of enterprise products, especially the inconspicuous key links. It is even more important to be cautious and meticulous, strictly grasp the details, operate according to regulations, resolutely eliminate careless work habits, and emphasize the work style of discovering and solving problems in a timely manner, Eliminate all unreliable factors, prevent accidents in the end, produce high-quality products, and be fully responsible to society, enterprises, shareholders, customers, and employees.

The company's quality policy is not only a guide and requirement for the work of its employees, but also a goal; It is a direction to strengthen the quality awareness of company employees. All employees should have a comprehensive understanding of quality and develop spontaneous initiative, actively shoulder the task of improving product quality, form employee conscious behavior, always regard ensuring product quality as a responsibility and professional ethics, and deeply rooted in the work thinking of employees as a belief.