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Development Concept

Professional, Ecological, Safety, Technological, Leading

The rapidly changing competitive environment determines that any enterprise must have a strong sense of development, in the new economic conditions, a one-upmanship development strategy, always leading the pace of development, is more important than ever.

"Professional, ecological, safety, science and technology, leading" is not only the development concept of huangma combined with industry characteristics, development goals and core values, but also to lead huangma to a more brilliant future.

Professional - Adhere to the path of specialization, strengthening and expanding the surfactant industry, deepen the research and exploration of surfactant products, pursue exquisite technology and high-quality products in the direction of high, fine and sharp, and build huangma into a world-class surfactant research and production base.

Ecological - Adhere to the economic and environmental protection, at no time at the expense of environmental protection to develop the economy. Promote clean production with advanced technology, develop environmentally friendly products with excellent performance, and develop a circular economy in which resources can be reused. Adhere to the harmony and friendship between man and nature, and create an ecological enterprise full of vitality and flowers, trees and trees.

Safety - Ensuring security is the first priority of enterprise development, security is related to the lives of employees, the property of enterprises, and the survival and long-term development of enterprises. Adhere to the ideological grasp of production safety this line, attach importance to safety in production.

Technological - Advocate science, establish a strong sense of scientific and technological innovation, and truly regard science and technology as the first productive force to promote the development of enterprises. The use of scientific working methods, the implementation of scientific management means, to create a future factory, the production of high-tech products, the construction of a strong scientific and technological atmosphere of modern science and technology enterprises.

Leading - With the courage to climb the courage, perseverance and never admit defeat, the pursuit of leadership, never stop. Adhere to the leading decision-making strategy, leading process technology, leading scientific and technological products, leading management mode, leading quality standards, leading corporate brand, leading environmental conditions, leading corporate culture, humanistic spirit, making the company a leading peer enterprise.