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Corporate Vision

Becoming a world leading manufacturer of surfactants

Becoming a leading manufacturer of surfactants in the world "is Huang Ma's ambitious strategic goal and firm development direction, as well as her persistent and eternal pursuit. Since the establishment of the enterprise, huangma has always been deeply involved in the industry and focused on products, taking the manufacturing of professional, Ecotype, safe, and high-tech high-end special surfactants as its own cause.

Becoming a leading surfactant manufacturer in the world reflects Huangma's responsibility to promote the development of the surfactant industry. It is a strong cornerstone for building Huangma into a century old aircraft carrier and a powerful engine for consolidating team strength and inspiring employee motivation. To establish this goal, every Huangma employee needs to constantly strive for self-improvement, fulfill their mission, embark on a turbulent journey, innovate, and bravely become a catcher to meet challenges. To achieve this goal, it is even more necessary for every Huangma employee to be down-to-earth and strive for excellence, with a spirit of "only starting point, never stopping", tenacious and patient, pursuing excellence, and willing to become an ascetic monk who strives for excellence and governance.

As long as all the people of Huangma work together and work together to advance step by step, the magnificent vision of Huangma will surely be realized.