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Core Values

Responsible to society, enterprises, shareholders, customers, and employees

Responsible for society, the enterprise, shareholders, customers, and employees "is the core values of Huangma, reflecting the core positioning of enterprise value orientation and social goals. It is an image interpretation of the sense of responsibility and mission that Huangma shoulders.

Responsible for society - enterprises are not only Economic entity that simply seek to maximize benefits, but also important forces to promote social progress. Adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity and win-win", do not develop the economy at the expense of the public interest, adhere to market rules and operate legally, fully absorb effective social resources, and organically combine the economic interests of enterprises with social development; Taking leading the development of the industry as its own responsibility, relying on technological innovation to develop productivity, and striving to be the main body of independent innovation; With the aim of building a harmonious society, we actively undertake certain social responsibilities and contribute to promoting social progress.

Responsible for the enterprise - the enterprise is the foundation of employees' food and clothing. Each employee must effectively strengthen their sense of ownership, closely integrate their ideals with the development goals of the enterprise, and make promoting better and faster development of the enterprise the greatest pursuit. We should closely focus on common goals, integrate group strength, enhance collaboration awareness, and gather team spirit; We must consciously implement the development strategy of the enterprise, devote ourselves wholeheartedly to the overall construction of the enterprise, and maintain the image and interests of the enterprise at all times and everywhere.

Responsible to shareholders - shareholders are the investors of the enterprise, and their immediate interests are closely related to the quality of the enterprise's operation. Establish a sound corporate governance mechanism to ensure the maximization of shareholder interests.

Responsible for customers - with the goal of consistently ensuring high-quality service, striving to provide customers with high-quality, high-tech, and high-quality products; To overcome all difficulties and fulfill commitments as a requirement, timely and humbly absorb customer opinions and suggestions, and make practical improvements; Guided by maximizing demand, actively developing new products that meet customer needs and expanding new areas of service.

Responsible for employees - employees are the greatest asset of a company. Ensure that the rights and dignity of each employee are fully respected, and that the strengths and wisdom of each employee can be effectively utilized. Actively creating a family style work atmosphere for employees, allowing each employee to feel the warmth and care of home, is a concrete manifestation of Huangma's "humanized" management. Fully stimulating employees' enthusiasm for innovation, advocating innovative thinking, motivating innovative achievements, and maximizing the value of each employee are important connotations of Huangma's "maximizing talents" strategy.