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Enterprise Pursuit


Excellence is a height, a perfection; Excellence is a realm, a process; Excellence is the unwavering belief and pursuit of Huangma people. The leap from one starting point to another marks the profound footprints of the Huangma people with excellence; The leap from one stage to another embodies the immortal wisdom of the people of Huangma; The sublimation from one success to another demonstrates the broad mindedness of Huangma people.

■ Enterprise Management Pursues Excellence

With a management awareness of 'no best, only better', implement an artistic, standardized, refined, and scientific management strategy, and achieve management transcendence through continuous innovation.

■ Technology products pursue excellence

Always regard science and technology as the primary productive force, explore with passion and courage, be adept at research without fear of difficulties, and actively develop and develop internationally leading technological products to benefit humanity.

■ Pursuing Excellence in the Work Environment

Focusing on the environmental protection concept of "clean production, environmentally friendly products, circular economy, and green home", we aim to create a beautiful environment and build an ecological home as a long-term and unremitting goal.

■ Pursuing Excellence in the Cultural Environment

Based on the requirements of "unity and mutual assistance, harmony and friendship, and seeking practicality and progress", create a learning oriented organization with a strong atmosphere, create a warm and pleasant humanistic atmosphere, and maximize the vitality of the team.

■ Pursuing excellence in work methods

Abandon unhealthy work styles and outdated work thinking, stimulate wisdom, activate thinking, and use "efficient, convenient, and scientific" work methods to create high-quality work results.

■ Pursuing Excellence in the Work Process

Establish a quality awareness of "100-1=0", pay attention to details, strive for excellence, focus on links, be meticulous, strictly follow standardized processes, strictly implement the "1+1+N+X" system, and continuously strengthen work execution.

■ Pursuing Excellence in Service Quality

With a "99+1=100" service attitude and first-class service quality, we strive to meet the needs of users by thinking about what they want and responding to their urgent needs.

■ Pursuing Excellence in Personality and Morality

Our goal is to become a high-quality talent with responsibility, culture, and morality. With a grateful heart, entrepreneurial hands, and persistent passion, we strive to achieve the pursuit of "true love and beauty".