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Management Philosophy

Fine science, system security, continuous improvement, excellence and perfection

Fine Science - Focusing on detail management, standardized quantification management, production site management, emphasizing scientific and rigorous management behavior to guide enterprises towards a better path of standardized management; Emphasizing natural laws, objective data, and conclusion analysis, emphasizing the flexible application of procedures, processes, and rational experiences, allowing scientific and complete systems to penetrate into various management processes.

System security - Given the small batch size, variety, and special raw materials of the company's products, the management of system security is particularly important. It is necessary to ensure the standardized and detailed operation of various links such as production, environmental protection, safety, finance, marketing, procurement, logistics, and system security by standardizing process operations, standardizing operational processes, eliminating management loopholes, and optimizing management networks.

Continuous improvement - establish a management philosophy that keeps up with the times, be good at summarizing and refining from practice according to new situations and requirements, actively improve the shortcomings in management, boldly explore and establish new management models while inheriting and excavating excellent management experience, and focus on promoting modern management and information management.

Excellence and Perfection - Strengthen the management characteristics of "table circulation and data speaking" and the management awareness of "discovering and solving problems", continuously absorb and learn from scientific management measures and methods, continuously stimulate the vitality of the enterprise with excellent and first-class management, and make the enterprise always have strong vitality with scientific and perfect management.