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Leading industry standards

Innovation is the soul of a nation, and it is also the source and driving force for an enterprise to maintain a sustained and strong development state. The innovative concept of "leading the industry and leading standards" is a concentrated reflection of the corporate spirit of "only starting point, never stopping" in Huangma, and is a proud style and logo of all Huangma people.

Leading the industry - grasping the direction of technological progress in the industry, deepening the penetration of professional technology, conducting research and tackling core and forward-looking technologies, breaking through various barriers, creating more technology patents, and possessing more intellectual property rights; Pay attention to the formulation of national and industry standards, play a backbone role in promoting industry technological progress, and become a benchmark for leading industry progress.

Leading standards - with the goal of improving product quality and pursuing high-tech products, actively carrying out standard innovation on the basis of strict standard implementation, in order to drive the comprehensive upgrading of products, quality, and technology; Adhere to enterprise technology patenting, patent technology standardization, and globalization of industry standards, occupy the market with leading standards, and promote industry development with leading standards and norms.