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Environmental Protection Concept

Clean production, environmentally friendly products, circular economy, green homes

■ Clean production

Continuously improve the design, use clean energy and raw materials, adopt advanced technology and equipment, improve management, comprehensive utilization and other measures, reduce pollution from the source, improve resource utilization, reduce or avoid the production and emission of pollutants in the process of production, service and product use, in order to reduce or eliminate the harm to human health and the environment.

■ Environmentally friendly products

According to the principle of cleanliness and conservation, the use of reasonable technological processes, pay attention to saving raw materials and energy, so that the product will not endanger human health and destroy the ecological environment during and after use.

■ Circular economy

To realize the comprehensive utilization of resources, optimize the allocation of resources, adopt efficient production methods that save energy and reduce pollution, research and develop cleaner production technologies, establish a scientific and rational circular economy system, attach importance to the secondary use of energy, adhere to the path of energy conservation, reduction and resource utilization, and create resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises.

■ Green Home

By raising awareness, establishing environmental thinking, treating environmental protection as a social responsibility and personal obligation, making "green home" the dream of employees, and making efforts to realize this dream.

The company's environmental protection concept expresses the company's firm determination not to develop the economy at the expense of the environment, and to set an environmental example for the society with practical actions.