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Safety Concept

Without safety, there is nothing

Safety is the foundation of all work and the primary prerequisite for ensuring the production and operation activities of enterprises. As a chemical enterprise, the company always closely integrates safety issues with its development, especially in terms of safety, without any omissions. Dare to reveal and expose problems, only by discovering problems can we better solve them. Each employee should have a clear safety work awareness of "concealing problems is creating a crisis" and "not being able to detect problems is the biggest problem".

Safety is no small matter. To do a good job in safety work, we must start from scratch, not miss any small steps, and prevent any dangerous accidents from happening.

Safety production is a long-term and systematic work that requires constant attention, high vigilance, strengthened preventive measures, and the transformation of safety awareness into a basic quality and work attitude. Practice habitual thinking with a serious and responsible attitude, and regard safe production as a responsibility pursuit rather than a requirement.